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Project Description

PowerFlex 755
AC Drive System
TorqueMaster – Low Inertia Induction Motor

3 times the response of a standard Induction Motor Drive System

Our customer challenged us to take their existing Canter Line and reduce the stopping distance, as part of a machinery upgrade they were making to improve productivity.

The goal was to:

  1. Increase the line speed and, at the same time,
  2. Reduce the stopping distance of the Infeed Conveyor.

 This required more than double the dynamic response from the drive system.


It’s all about inertia.

The number one priority for any sawmill is productivity:
 – a combination of optimized recovery and production throughput. One of the bottlenecks that affects both of these areas is Canter Line In-feed Chain stopping distance. The shorter the stopping distance, the more time there is to find an optimal solution and move the setworks to the desired position, while maintaining maximum line speed.

Larger motors have been unsuccessful at decreasing stopping distance, as the increased motor torque was offset by the increased inertia. Basically, motor inertia was the limiting factor.

Now, with the TorqueMaster Low Inertia motor/drive package, much higher motor torque is available, with 1/3 of the inertia of a standard induction motor.

WIS has chosen to pair these low inertia induction motors with Rockwell PowerFlex755 drive technology.

This offers:

  • full vector control performance
  • a lower cost vfd
  • mainstream vfd product
  • flexible networking options
Client Type:Sawmill
FeaturesVFDs / Electric Motors

Project Features

  • Capable of 250% of rated full load torque
  • Line speeds up to 750 FPM.
  • Theoretical production gains as high as 22.5%.
  • Totally Enclosed Air Over cooling
  • Induction motor design:
    • no special cables or controllers required
    • mainstream motor product
    • lower cost
    • easier to maintain
  • 1/3 the inertia of a standard induction motor
  • More rugged induction motor vs. other methods
  • Laminated Steel Frame
  • High dynamic response
  • Easy installation