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Sawmill Canter Line Upgrade


TorqueMaster AC Drive System

Our customer challenged us:
to take their existing Canter Line and reduce the stopping distance, as part of a machinery upgrade they were making to improve productivity.

The Goal:

  • Increase the line speed and, at the same time,
  • Reduce the stopping distance of the Infeed Conveyor.

This required
more than double the dynamic response from the drive system.

Solution and Equipment Installed

The number one priority for any sawmill is productivity:
- a combination of optimized recovery and production throughput. One of the bottlenecks that affects both of these areas is Canter Line In-feed Chain stopping distance. The shorter the stopping distance, the more time there is to find an optimal solution and move the setworks to the desired position, while maintaining maximum line speed.

Larger motors have been unsuccessful at decreasing stopping distance, as the increased motor torque was offset by the increased inertia. Basically, motor inertia was the limiting factor.

Now, with the
TorqueMaster Low Inertia motor/drive package, much higher motor torque is available, with 1/3 of the inertia of a standard induction motor.

Measured Results
actual acceleration and deceleration plots

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Acceleration and Deceleration curves

(click for a larger view)

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