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Vibration and Temperature Warning

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Vibration and Temperature Early Detection and Warning

You have machinery that is critical to your operations.
Downtime is expensive.
Some motors & their loads are "thow away", some have long lead times.
Spares are expensive, and not always at hand.

If you have:

  • no spare motor at hand
  • have a rotating load critical to your operation
  • no full time electrician or millwright
  • risk of fire due to an overheated bearing
  • insurance issues due to past fires
  • a motor about to be rewound

WIE can install a lower cost Vibration and Temperature monitoring system.
A Condition Monitoring System can:

  • be added in the field to existing motors and their loads
  • monitor temperature in real time
  • monitor vibrations in real time
  • alarm based on passing a limit
  • alarm based on rate of change
  • allow you to trend vibration or temperature via a web browser
  • send you an email or SMS text message alert of an alarm
  • provide early warning of a pending failure
  • allow you to schedule pro-active inspection
  • help avoid expensive equipment failure & downtime
  • help you qualify for lower insurance premiums
Threaded Vibration Sensor
Various types of Temperature Sensors

Small threaded Vibration Sensor

Multiple Styles of Temperature Sensors

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